A New Set of Wheels for Our Seniors

Consider every place you travel in an average month. For most of us, this includes round trips to work, stops to run errands, going to the grocery store, visits with friends, as well as medical appointments and leisure activities. For nearly 90% of us, these trips involve using a car.

Now imagine having to find and schedule a ride for each of these activities. It is daunting.

For our clients in the Senior IMPACT Project, transportation is the biggest barrier to accessing services, getting to medical and other appointments, taking care of errands, and staying connected with friends and family. Our Senior IMPACT Project has worked to alleviate some of the transportation issues by providing rides for clients to receive services at Society for the Blind. We also coordinate community engagement activities so our older adults can socialize and enjoy events in the community.

This summer, we are asking for your assistance to ensure our transportation services can meet the growing needs of our clients. We know that losing one’s ability to drive is a major adjustment and presents many challenges. Society for the Blind wants to continue alleviating the transportation barrier by providing rides for our clients so they can learn non-visual skills, participate in community activities and stay connected.  

We need to replace our 12-passenger van that has nearly 200,000 miles and is showing increasing wear and tear. We want to ensure a safe, reliable ride for older adults with vision loss. Please join us in our effort to acquire a new van so older adults living with vision loss in the Sacramento region and beyond are able to access the services they need.

To learn more about the Senior IMPACT Project or to make a donation toward a new 12-passenger van, please visit us online at SocietyfortheBlind.org.

Thank you for helping us ensure that people living with low vision or blindness can discover, develop and achieve their full potential.