Big Day of Giving 2018

On May 3, we’ll have 24 hours to raise $10,000 to stock our Training Kitchens and provide vital workshop supplies for our senior programs. Can we count on you?

Big Day of Giving is our region’s annual 24-hour giving day, a way to amplify local philanthropy and give where your heart is. And this year, Society for the Blind is counting on you to help us meet our goal.

Here’s how you can help!

On May 3, from midnight to midnight, you can donate to Society for the Blind by visiting Your donation will help us stock our teaching kitchens, which are used in both our Core and Senior IMPACT Project programs, as well as fund vital workshop supplies that help our seniors. We use our teaching kitchens, workshops and educational supplies to help blind and low-vision individuals regain their independence and continue living their lives to the fullest!

Teaching Kitchens Collage of photos