Building for the Future: The Dr. Paul and Alice Peterson Endowment Fund

A long-time goal for Society for the Blind was achieved when the board established the Dr. Paul and Alice Peterson Endowment Fund last month. As a board-designated endowment, funds will be used to ensure Society for the Blind’s long-term stability, including making upgrades to our training center, expanding or starting new programs, and responding quickly to opportunities and challenges.

Dr. Peterson, a retired Chiropractor, is a long-time board member at Society for the Blind. Diagnosed with juvenile macular degeneration as a child, Dr. Peterson went on to receive a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. He had a thriving practice in Sacramento for more than 30 years and was on the faculty at the Palmer Institute of Chiropractic Medicine. As a board member, Dr. Peterson, along with his wife Alice, have been outstanding ambassadors for Society for the Blind, and made a lead gift to our Vision 2020 campaign that helped to create the endowment.

“Alice and I are honored to have the endowment named after us,” Dr. Peterson told me. “The endowment is such an important piece for Society’s future growth and stability.”

The Dr. Paul and Alice Peterson Endowment Fund will begin taking donations this fall. Contributions to the fund will ensure Society has the resources to provide a wide array of services to individuals of all ages living with blindness or low vision. Look for more information soon in our upcoming annual report!

The past two years have demonstrated how important it is to have reserves and be able to respond to unexpected changes. We are grateful to Dr. Paul and Alice Peterson for ensuring Society for the Blind’s long-term stability and a bright future for the many people we serve.