Building for the Future

Talking about duct-work, ceiling tiles and flooring may not sound very exciting, but here at Society for the Blind we find it pretty exciting! It means we are getting close to the start of construction on the First Floor Build-out. 

Build-out Floor Plan
Build-out Floor Plan

Since moving into our current headquarters in 2010, we have anticipated the completion of this 5,000-square-foot space. Over the past two years, our existing programs have grown, and with the addition of our employment and academics program CareersPLUS in 2017, the need for this space has become quite pressing.

By late summer, we will have a new multi-purpose training space, an additional conference room, a music room and a brand-new teaching kitchen and dining room for our Senior IMPACT Project. The new space will include room for an indoor mobility course, perfect for children and older adults to begin learning cane travel skills.

We intend to make the new space available for use by other nonprofit groups too. With its convenient location near Light Rail, and with ample parking, we want Society for the Blind to be a community resource in the Grid. Thanks to our generous community, significant funding for the construction is secured. As we enter the final phase of our Vision 2020 campaign, I hope you’ll consider supporting our First Floor Build-out project. A list of furnishings, building materials and other supplies will be posted on our website soon. Together, we can ensure that anyone in our community experiencing vision loss or blindness can come to Society for the Blind for the services and support they need to live life to the fullest