Happy New Year – 2015 Highlights

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We just wrapped up an outstanding year and are looking forward to an exciting year ahead with you!

As you know, Society for the Blind provides an important, distinctive and necessary service for the 26 counties we serve in northern California. All of our classes are taught by instructors who are blind or low vision. In fact nearly 50 percent of the staff are blind and low vision. For our clients it helps them to believe that they, too, can achieve their personal and professional goals.

Some highlights of what you helped us do in 2015!

Expand our Low Vision Clinic to include vision rehabilitation, pediatric eye care, Braille classes for children and monthly support groups for parents. One of the distinctive features of our center is our Low Vision Clinic. In 2015, our clinic nearly doubled in the number of adult patients and we added pediatric services.  Staffed by a team of four Optometrists, and a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist, our clinic offers comprehensive low vision eye care, occupational therapy and training in low vision aids to people of all ages.

Meet the needs of our active seniors. We are experiencing a growing demand for our services, especially among people ages 55 and older. Seniors today want to remain active and they want to be independent. Low vision and blindness can threaten an active lifestyle. That is why Society for the Blind has developed a special program just for seniors that offers onsite and in-home training in low vision and blindness skills.

Grow our teaching programs. Our goal as the region’s only comprehensive blindness education and vision healthcare center is to make Society for the Blind a resource for the entire community. For individuals, we offer training in cane travel, Braille, Adaptive Technology and Independent Living Skills. For employers, we offer workplace assessments and support so that employees with vision loss have the technology they need to stay on the job. For organizations and corporations, we offer accessibility assessments; training and workshops on interacting and working with someone who is blind or has low vision, and offer assistance in making your workspace safe and easy to navigate for someone with vision loss.

This year, we’re focused on expanding our services to rural communities and up to the northern-most parts of the state. It’s critical that people living with low vision are empowered to live life to the fullest no matter where they reside.

Society for the Blind is proud to have served the Sacramento region and northern California for over 60 years. We look forward to providing expert, state-of-the-art education and vision healthcare so people who are blind or low vision attain the skills, confidence and tools they need to live life to its fullest.

On behalf of our Board of Directors and the community we serve, thank you for helping us empower people living with low vision to discover, develop and achieve their full potential. Stay tuned for exciting updates!