Honoring our Veterans


The Board of Directors and Staff of Society for the Blind are honored to work with membersĀ of the U.S. Armed Forces. Today we pause to thank them for their service to our country and their continuing commitment to serve others.

We honor and thank Society for the Blind staff member, George Hunter, U.S. Army. George is a member of our Senior IMPACT Program.

We honor and thank Debra Pendleton, U.S. Army. Deb is the receptionist for Society for the Blind. She has low vision and serves as a mentor to our clients who are learning to live with vision loss.

We honor and thank Richard Hunter, U.S. Marine Corps. Richard is a blind athlete, having completed numerous marathons and IronMan competitions. He is the coordinator of the CA International Marathon Blind Runners Division and Youth MaraFunRun.

More than 160,000 veterans are blind and another 1,026,000 have vision loss, many as a result of IEDs and other injuries sustained while serving their country. For their valor and continued perseverance we honor them today.

Thank You for serving our country.

Shari Roeseler

Executive Director