The Braille Production & Training Program

Society for the Blind Merges with Sacramento Braille Transcribers
During National Blindness Awareness Month

We are excited to announce that Society for the Blind has acquired the Braille production services operated by the Sacramento Braille Transcribers through a merger completed in October 2022. The merger was completed just in time for National Blindness Awareness Month, a time when we highlight the many accomplishments of people living with vision loss and the many advances in assistive technology and products.

“This is a win-win for Society and Sacramento Braille Transcribers, as well as for people living with vision loss and blindness,”

said Shari Roeseler, executive director, Society for the Blind.

In late 2021, the Sacramento Braille Transcribers board of directors decided to look for a partner to take over its Braille production services.

“We contacted Society for the Blind last December, and after initial conversations, both boards of directors approved moving forward with the merger,” said Adam Elshama, board member, Sacramento Braille Transcribers. “Our respective missions are so closely aligned that we knew this was the right next step.”

Society for the Blind’s Braille Production and Training Program will be one of the only Braille production centers operating in northern and central California that focuses on producing textbooks, manuals, newsletters, menus, playbills and more. Despite the availability of electronic reading materials, Braille continues to be an essential literacy skill for children and adults living with low vision and blindness.

“We are looking forward to adding Braille production services at Society for the Blind, and in so doing, continuing the legacy of the Sacramento Braille Transcribers and their many volunteers who provided textbooks, manuals, newsletters and other materials for more than 60 years. We are committed to providing the same quality service to all Sacramento Braille Transcribers customers, and are excited to work with them,” Roeseler said. “In addition, we will be creating an employment training program so our students can pursue a career as certified Braille transcribers and/or pursue a career in the sales and production side of the program.”

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