Remembering our Colleague and Friend ~ Kevin McGrath

Kevin McGrath

Kevin McGrath

We dedicate this issue of our newsletter in memory of our dear colleague and friend, Kevin McGrath, who passed away unexpectedly on July 3, 2018.

Kevin was instrumental in helping us move into our current building back in 2010. In fact, he literally used his very long white cane – he stood 6’5” – to thread computer cables through the ceilings. It was not uncommon for Kevin to go up on the roof of our building to check air filters on the compressors to make sure everything was in good working order.

Kevin was a devoted instructor in our Senior IMPACT Project. He was a mentor to many of our current staff and a beloved teacher to hundreds of clients whose lives he touched over the eight years he worked at Society for the Blind. For all of us, he was a role model on how to live life to the fullest with vision loss. 

A New Jersey native with a great, booming voice, he would greet folks in the hallways with a hearty “How ya doin’?” His co-workers in the senior program remembered his love of cookies and his knack for rhymes and singing songs to help clients remember the lesson. Three of our recent senior participants shared their reflections on Kevin:

“Kevin had a profound impact on our class. I knew he was someone very special. He loved his work and embraced each one of his students differently depending upon their vision loss, personality and individual needs.” – Mollie Scott

“Kevin was always happy and helpful in any situation. I always knew that he cared about people and helping them achieve independence.” – Donna Carrell

“Kevin was a wonderful and peaceful soul. He was someone that everyone loved and was there to help anyone. He made you feel safe in cane traveling and told me, ‘You can do whatever you want to do.’ He always motivated me to be better.” – Wanda Thomas

In addition to his Society family, Kevin is survived by his wife, Denise, and three sons and their families. Until we meet again, you remain always in our hearts, Kevin.

A beautiful obituary about Kevin’s life is running on and includes a section where you can share your memories of Kevin. 

Photo collage of Kevin with SIP clients and staff