On the Road with Society for the Blind…

March 8th marked a milestone for Society’s Low Vision Clinic, as we made our inaugural mobile clinic trip to Chico, CA. There we set-up our portable exam room and our Optometrist saw patients throughout the day. We were also able to demo electronic magnifiers for our patients on-site, allowing us to expand our ability to make device recommendations to our patients.

Dr. Wong performs an eye exam

Dr. Wong performs an eye exam on a patient.

Toni Boom, our director of the Low Vision Clinic, commented on the day. “It was a very successful day and we are so thankful to VSP Global for giving us the ability to bring our services to people in outlying communities who would otherwise not have access to our low vision care.”

Throughout 2018, our Low Vision Clinic will be on the road in northern California focusing on communities along the Highway 99/70 corridor. This exciting and important expansion of services for our Low Vision Clinic is made possible through the generosity of VSP Global and other donors who have supported Society’s Vision 2020 Campaign.

Dr. Wong pointing to an eye chart; patient looks in the direction of the eye chart.

Reaching people with vision loss who live in the northern most parts of California is one of Society’s strategic goals. A traveling Low Vision Clinic means more people will receive low vision eye care, occupational therapy to assist them in using their remaining vision and in-home education and training in non-visual skills so they can remain independent.

I invite you to consider joining our Vision 2020 Campaign. Society for the Blind is a vital community resource and we want to remain at the top of our game. That means being able to access the latest in assistive technology, developing innovative ways to teach people with vision loss, especially through online education, and bringing services to those who do not have transportation options. Your support will open the doors of hope and possibility for those in the Sacramento region who are living with vision loss.