Society finishes at 60 million steps in the National Fitness Challenge

We wrapped up the National Fitness Challenge this month, with our 40 participants finishing at 60 million steps! The annual challenge, sponsored by the United States Association of Blind Athletes and the Anthem Blue Cross and CareMore Foundations, included 17 organizations across the nation that offered adaptive physical fitness activities.

Participants began the challenge in fall 2018, enjoying a wide variety of activities over eight months, including a holiday walk in the Fab 40s, Sacramento Zoo 5K, Tai Chi, Beep Baseball, yoga and belly dancing. Each participant received a Fitbit to measure activities, calories burned and number of steps taken.

Laura told us her Fitbit surprised her – she had no idea how much she walked in a day. Shirley was amazed at how much her Fitbit helped push her to do more.

One of our participants, Storm, enjoyed connecting with active people who are blind.

“I found a sense of belonging when I learned I’m not the only one who is physically active and blind,” Storm said.

Karon told us that this is her fourth year participating in the challenge, and it’s what keeps her going. Mark appreciated meeting new friends and trying new activities. All participants increased their physical fitness levels.

Congratulations to all of the 2018-2019 National Fitness Challenge participants!