A Word of Gratitude to You – Our Volunteers, Donors and Friends

As we approach the holiday season, it certainly seems to me that this year flew by really fast! What I find makes these days go so quickly at Society for the Blind is experiencing robust classes and programs filled with determined individuals who are not just learning to live with vision loss, they are thriving.

Not only are we holding more in-person classes and workshops at Society this year, but we continue to offer remote classes across California and Nevada. Our Low Vision Clinic added a second doctor in September, and we added an additional exam room. The Braille Production and Training Program, the newest addition at Society for the Blind, now has 17 transcribers engaged in providing transcription of books, playbills and other documents.

Annual ski outing for clients and staff sponsored by Society volunteer Dr. Chris Serdahl, MD, and his colleagues.

Annual ski outing for clients and staff sponsored by Society volunteer Dr. Chris Serdahl, MD, and his colleagues.

All of this is possible because of you – our generous donors, volunteers and friends who unfailingly support us through your time, talent and treasure. We are truly grateful for your commitment by way of reading articles for Access News, helping at Society events and making donations to support our programs. I also want to give a special thank you to the members of our volunteer board of directors who provide oversite and guidance for our organization to ensure we steward our resources effectively.

Your impact is apparent in the experiences of our clients, like Bridget, a recent graduate. “Without Society for the Blind, I don’t know what I would be doing right now,” said Bridget. “It’s been hard going from being completely independent to being dependent on others and now trying to be independent again. But the skills you learn here teach you how to problem-solve your way out. It’s been exciting to share this journey with them.”

On behalf of the board of directors and staff, I want to express my deepest gratitude to each of you for making it possible for Society for the Blind to continue to grow and offer more resources. Thank you for supporting people who are blind or have low vision through Society for the Blind so they can discover, develop and achieve their full potential.

May you and your loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving!