Achieving Independence: A Celebration of Hope, Courage and Perseverance

“My parents always told me I could be whatever I want. I never thought about not being able to do things I love.”  – Patricia Figueroa, Society for the Blind Client

At a recent staff meeting, the question was asked, “What does independence mean to you?” Among the responses: “being able to do what you want in life,” “having the freedom to travel on your own,” “not having to depend on others,” “deciding for yourself when to ask for assistance.”

Becoming independent is something that we all strive for in life. Yet independence can look different for each of us, and at unexpected times in our lives, we may need to learn anew what it means to be independent. It calls us to hope for what is possible and to have the courage and perseverance to achieve it.

When new clients come to Society, they often feel they have lost their independence for good because they cannot do things on their own due to their vision loss. Then they learn how to use a white cane, how to use the accessible features on their smart phones and computers, they acquire the skills to cook and manage their daily activities. And before they know it, they are regaining their independence.

During this month where we celebrate independence, we especially celebrate our clients and all the people living with blindness and low vision who bravely step into the unknown, learn new skills and show us all that life is about more than what you see.

We are grateful to all of you for your support of Society for the Blind and those we serve so they are empowered to discover, develop, and achieve their full potential.