Better Together

One of Helen Keller’s most famous quotes is “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” That rings especially true this month as organizations around the country celebrate volunteers. Society for the Blind is all in on celebrating our dedicated volunteers. To say we are better together could not be more true when we think of the contributions from our volunteers. Society for the Blind is truly better because of our volunteers who give of their time and talent at our Bingo Program, for our Access News Telephone Reader Service, our Senior IMPACT Project mentors, and myriad other projects and events.

Graphic with 3 figures holding hands in the air with the text "Volunteers Every Moment Makes a Difference."Now that we are back to offering in-person services, we are looking forward to welcoming our volunteers back as well. Watch for new individual and group opportunities coming soon on our Volunteer Webpage.

Another way to support Society for the Blind is through the upcoming Big Day of Giving on May 5. This regional day of fundraising organized by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation provides significant support for our programs and the people we serve. This year we have a goal to raise at least $20,000 for our Senior IMPACT Project (SIP). This program is experiencing a significant increase in requests for services, with 10 new clients each week. Seniors receive in-person training on non-visual skills such as using a white cane, labeling kitchen and household appliances, and using assistive technology.

Susan, one of our recent SIP clients, told us: “With SIP, I started to feel confidence in the possibility of retaining my independence. I was struck by the really warm, positive, upbeat approach of the facilitators and instructors. They took an interest in each of us and that really built my confidence. I am just really grateful that Society for the Blind exists. Thanks to them, Sacramento is a really good place to be if you’re blind or visually impaired.”

We are grateful to all of you who share your time, talent and resources with Society for the Blind. Your support helps to create the pathways of hope and learning so anyone living with low vision or blindness can discover, develop and achieve their full potential. We are truly better together!